PM Capital Investor Forum 2017

The PM Capital Investor Forum - May 2017


        • Paul Moore: Chief Investment Officer and Founder of PM Capital
        • Jarod Dawson: Director, Portfolio Manager - Fixed Income

        You will hear:

        • The investment insights in Moneyball
        • Why the current environment presents a ‘fat pitch’ for anomaly hunters in both fixed income and equities
        • Case studies on finding and investing in anomalies for maximum long term profit
        • How anomalies can be exploited to improve investors’ risk-adjusted returns


        The book and movie Moneyball  tells the inspirational story of the cash-strapped  Oakland A’s baseball team. A classic David & Goliath battle, A’s General Manager Billy Beane, played in the movie by Brad Pitt, was sneered at before the 2002 season as he selected a range of rejects, castoffs from the rich clubs and undervalued players – ‘lost toys’ -  that he could afford. The A’s went on to win 20 consecutive games – the longest winning streak in baseball’s American League ever.

        Beane’s secret? Turning his back on accepted baseball wisdom and searching for players, who, for whatever reason – age, appearance - were unliked and therefore cheap. Beane ignored the market noise and hired these human anomalies because, according to his deeper research, he had conviction in what they could do.

        At PM Capital we also find and exploit investment anomalies around the world. We use deep research to identify the best long term investment opportunities.

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