A suitable return with low volatility – the investment unicorn?

Funds management is a bit like professional sport, says Jarod Dawson, Portfolio Manager. There is no hiding from your results – they are there for all the world to see. For an investment firm to achieve longevity, like professional athletes, you need to build a long term track record of delivering when it counts.

To illustrate this, I thought it might be useful to highlight what we think has been one of the Enhanced Yield Fund's real success stories over the past 17 years or so - one that sometimes goes unnoticed. 

The Fund has endured and subsequently thrived through some pretty volatile market periods since its inception, including the aftermath of the dotcom bubble in the early 2000’s, the global financial crisis in 2008/09, the European debt crisis in 2011/12, various Chinese growth scares, volatility around Brexit, and certain, shall we say, “surprising” election results!

Our valued investors and those considering the Fund might be interested to know that, on the rare occasion that the Fund experiences a negative performance month, the longest that it has ever taken to recover that performance is just three months – and this was during the depths of the GFC!

The average time to recovery for the Fund over its 17+ year history is actually only 1.4 months*. Put another way, most of the time when we have experienced a negative performance month, we have gained that performance back within a month or so. 

We attribute this success to one of the Fund’s key objectives - to achieve its performance goals with a low degree of volatility. It is testament to the fact that markets, after a period of often extreme short term volatility, come to their senses and initially start investing back into the better quality businesses of the day.

We believe that the very short historical time to recovery for the Fund is further evidence that the research process we adopt at PM Capital – which is focussed on identifying what we think are the best businesses and genuine anomalies in global fixed income markets - adds true value for both PM Capital and our co-investors. 

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